My paintings are a reflection of an unheard voice...a yearning to express that which I typically don't reveal. I have struggled with OCD and migraines most of my life so I am always searching for the “lightness of being”...an ability to overcome fear and pain and transcend to a better place. Light vs darkness, fulfillment vs loss, contentment vs unrest are all important elements in my work.

I discovered art at a young age and went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993. I occasionally rummage through a box of my childhood creations and enjoy the freedom and expression of that younger self. Over the years, I have been infuenced by contemporary artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Nathan Olivera, Franz Klein, Joan Mitchell, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Cy Twombly to name a few.

I work very intuitively and expressively to bring transparency to raw, authentic emotion. Painting with acrylics on both canvas and paper, I incorporate collage, paint pen, oil pencil, caran d'ache, and ink. Working layer upon layer, always listening to music, I rotate the canvas as I go until I'm happy with the progression. I make a point to let go of critical thinking, preferring to let my subconscious run the paintbrush.

I love to hear what people see in my work and what it makes them feel. Most of all, I hope they connect with it and are moved and inspired.